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Auburn, CA Mobile Notary Signing Services: The Ultimate Solution for Busy Loan and Escrow Officers in 2023

Mobile Notary Signing Services: The Convenient and Secure Solution for Loan and Escrow Officers

You’re a loan or escrow officer. You’ve got a lot on your plate, and you want to ensure everything is done right—and efficiently!

The last few years have seen significant changes in the world. As technology advances, it’s become easier to do things from anywhere. If you don’t feel like leaving the house, you can even have your groceries delivered. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the need for documents and notarized signatures, and mobile notaries now more than ever play a critical role in Title & Escrow’s day-to-day operations.

But what if you could complete all of your real estate and mortgage closing documents right from the comfort of your desk? What if you could schedule a mobile notary to meet with your client to have their documents notarized without having to leave the building? That’s where American River Notary & Apostille mobile notary services come in!

Mobile notaries are public notaries commissioned by the state and offer an invaluable service to escrow agents and title companies that need a notarized signature from clients to make it possible for clients to refinance, buy, or sell a property. A working relationship with a local mobile notary is one of the best ways to get documents notarized when your client can’t come to your office. 

These services allow lenders and title companies to have all of the legal documents signed and notarized anywhere, anytime—even on the go! They’re convenient and can save you time and money in the long run by scheduling them to meet with your client at their office, home, or coffee shop, providing a level of convenience and flexibility for those clients with scheduling or mobility issues. 

American River Notary & Apostille is your Placer County mobile notary public expert, ready to help whenever you need a notary. American River Notary & Apostille has provided mobile notary services to Title & Escrow companies in Auburn, CA since 2012 assisting with more than 2,500 closings. Scheduling is easy, you can make an appointment by calling (530) 354-2400 or visiting us online to book and schedule your client on our Scheduling Calendar.

Mobile Notary Signing Agent: Beyond Just Business Hours

When it comes to mobile notary services, you might think of American River Notary & Apostille as only being available during business hours. However, there are a lot of companies working to make sure that loan and escrow officers, as well as anyone else, can get access to a notary at any time of day or night, including weekends.*

The availability of mobile notary services is a good thing for many reasons. It gives people more flexibility in choosing when and where they want their documents notarized, which means there’s no need for a client to miss work or school to get them signed. 

Mobile notary services also make it convenient for people who do not live nearby to get their documents notarized. If someone lives across town or even out of state, they can go online and find a mobile notary service that will come to them wherever they are and sign their documents right away so that they can return home without worrying about making another trip back later down the road.

The Future of Closing Real Estate Transactions

Mobile notary services from American River Notary & Apostille are the industry’s future. Why? Because they offer convenience, security, and accuracy in a cost-effective manner. This is a great option for clients who have busy schedules or mobility issues that prevent them from traveling to your office to sign real estate closing documents.

When it comes to a loan or escrow transaction, there are a lot of things that you have to worry about. You need to ensure that the documents are in order for a smooth closing process and that they were signed by all of the appropriate parties. You also need to make sure that the documents are notarized correctly and accurately. And if you’re doing it yourself, you have to make sure that all of this is done in a timely manner so the transaction can be funded.

With the rise of mobile notary services, more and more real estate transactions are taking place outside of traditional brick-and-mortar offices. This is especially true for appointments that happen after hours or on the weekend when escrow officers can make it easy for buyers and sellers to meet with a notary loan signing agent in their own homes or other places to finish the closing documents. In many states, eNotary and Remote Online Notary Services are also becoming more popular as a way to offer more services when they can’t meet with a client in person.

There are a few things that mobile notaries do better than traditional offices, and there are many benefits to using their services.

  • Cost-effective: Not only do they save you time and money, but they also help build your reputation as a professional who values excellence and quality above all else.
  • Reputation: Using a reputable mobile notary service like American River Notary & Apostille.
  • Convenience and Flexibility: Buyers don’t have to take time off from work or find childcare if they need an after-hours appointment. Sellers don’t have to miss work or cancel appointments at the last minute because they can’t get out of the house or get away from work during business hours.
  • Security and Accuracy: Mobile notary services streamline their process to ensure their loan documents are always secure—a vital consideration when dealing with loans and escrow transactions. 
  • Versatility: Mobile notaries can notarize a wide range of documents, making them a versatile option for loan and escrow officers. We can notarize deeds, trusts, power of attorney, and all types of loan documents.
  • Professionalism: Mobile notaries are trained professionals who take their roles and responsibilities seriously, ensuring that documents are handled with care and attention to detail.
  • Real-time notarization: With a mobile notary service, there is no need to mail documents back and forth between parties—you can get everything done right then and there! This reduces delays and saves you time and money!
  • Availability: Mobile notaries are flexible enough to accommodate any request—no matter how last minute—and provide professional service with speed and peace of mind. They’re available during business hours, after hours, holidays, and weekends.
  • Additional Services: Mobile notaries can also do other things that help a busy escrow officer with his or her work.  Mobile printing and scanning, and document courier services, are some of the other important services that may be provided, making completing a transaction effortless. 


Escrow and loan officers should think about using a mobile notary for their notarization needs for a number of reasons. Mobile notaries are convenient, quick, and they can meet clients where it is easier for them to notarize important documents. They are also available on short notice.

Since 2012, American River Notary & Apostille has helped countless businesses and customers get their documents notarized. Our team of experts is available 24/7 to help you with anything you might need, so contact us any time with questions. We’ll always be here to provide you with the assistance you need to get your work done right the first time. 

Call (530) 354-2400 to discuss your unique notarial needs, or visit to schedule online.

Eileen Bonner

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